Monday, September 30, 2013

Southern Food

When my sister came to visit I had her bring me some grits. I'm sure you're completely shocked to hear they're not available in the grocery stores here. I waited a few weeks trying to decide how to use them first, and finally decided to try and recreate a meal from Crook's Corner, an awesome restaurant in Chapel Hill. Shrimp and grits, and frozen mint juleps.

Doesn't that look amazing?
They have a frozen mint julep on the menu (both cocktail and dessert) that is to die for. It's a shot of bourbon over a scoop of mint sorbet, served with a tiny spoon. I've been wanting to recreate this drink for years, but I've never been able to find mint sorbet. Finally it hit me, I could just make a mint granita in the freezer and use that in it's place.

It was perfect! Almost exactly like the original. We were in heaven. For dessert, we had cheesecake (pre-made from 7-Eleven) with raspberries (from Costco). All in all, it was a fantastic meal of comfort foods.

If you're indulging, go all the way


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    1. It's a frozen Italian dessert that's actually a lot like a slushie. It's normal water or juice based rather than dairy. You mix up the flavored liquid and put it in a shallow dish in the freezer. Every thirty minutes scrape it up with a fork, and usually in about 3 hours you'll have a nice softly frozen crystalized texture. You can eat it straight, or with a little liquor or coffee poured over it. Earlier this summer I made a grapefruit one, but the mint was way better.