Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Hikawa Matsuri

This past weekend, our local shrine had it's annual festival - the Hikawa Matsuri.  We went to check it out Saturday night and John took some photos of the event.

In the center of the grounds a booth was built for a man to play a drum while people did traditional dances in a circle around it.

Bon Odori Dances
There were tons of food stalls selling everything from grilled fish on sticks to chocolate dipped bananas on sticks.  Most of the food was on sticks, actually.

There were also a number of stalls with children's games including little pools to catch goldfish, and other water games involving toys.

It was a hot sticky night just before a typhoon rolled in, but it was fun to stroll around taking in the smells and sights at a little community event.  Something about lanterns in the nighttime just makes everything seem magical.

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