Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tokyo 2020

This past weekend the IOC voted for Tokyo to host the 2020 summer olympics.  In general I think people are pretty excited about it.  There have been events going on for the past year running up to the vote and the mascot can be seen all over the place.  Last December I posted some pictures of Raku and myself playing at the display in TBS Square.  For the past couple of months Tokyo Tower has been displaying 2020 in the ring colors at night.  And of course there are signs all over the trains stations about it.  It seems like we've been waiting forever to find out who would win, it's hard to believe it will really be happening here!

I just learned that the Japanese word for olympics is gorin as in 5 rings.  In general Japan is such an organized country, I think they'll do a good job of hosting.  A lot of the facilities from the 1964 Olympics will be used again while some  temporary structures will also be built.  John was telling me that in preparation for the last Tokyo Olympics many of the city's expressways were built, and the first shinkansen bullet train was introduced.

Great job Tokyo - I hope it brings a lot of good to the country!

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