Thursday, September 5, 2013

Pepsi Chips

Pepsi makes seasonal flavors here.  Last winter they made a mikan (mandarin orange) flavor.  The summer before they made a salty watermelon flavor.  This summer though, they've outdone themselves.  Instead of an actual beverage they made a snack that's pepsi flavored.  They're being called Pepsi Chips, though they're really more like Pepsi Cheetohs.

Who came up with this idea?

The flavor is intensely concentrated, like a whole bottle of pepsi in one bite!  And they have pop rocks like dust on them to make them seem fizzy.  I'd heard they were bad, but I was still curious.  OMG, they're terrible!

SOOOO Terrible

John agreed, and Julie's opinion was my favorite: "They're the worst thing that ever happened in my mouth!"  But strangely Raku liked them.  Personally, I'd recommend avoiding them at all costs.  But if you're as curious as me, make sure you have a lot of people to share them with, you're not going to want more than one.

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