Saturday, January 26, 2013

Tokyu Hands Baking Supplies

Tokyu Hands is a fantastic store that has floor upon floor of things for sale.  It's the sort of place that you can go in and get most of what's on your shopping list whether you're looking for cleaning supplies, cooking utensils, lumber, or stationary.  I really enjoy their seasonal offerings!

Before New Years they were selling lots of snake themed objects because 2013 is the year of the snake.  And afterwards they were selling some great traditional Japanese products.  I got some cute magnets covered in traditional Japanese fabric, and Raku got a small sake barrel.  But this week I was delighted to find their valentines day offerings.

They're offering lots of cute boxes of chocolate and candy, but they also have a huge section of baking supplies.  There were multiple kinds of sugars, flours, baking mixes, food colorings and flavorings.  I even got some powdered pumpkin.  The selection definitely rivaled that of Cuoca, but there was better English labeling.

And then on the way home I saw this hilarious bag!  It says "Tequila is not my friend. #BaconEggAndCheesePlease.  Love it.

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