Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Fashion Magazines and Strawberry Sandwiches

Did you know that many magazines come with fun freebies like bags or accessories?  This is a delightful fact that I only recently discovered, and I just bought my first magazine with swag in it.  In the stores you'll see many of the magazines tied or rubber-banded up so that what's inside doesn't fall out.

Can you see the yellow bands, holding them closed?

I chose this magazine with a free make-up bag from L'Occitane en Provence
The upper right hand corner will show what the free gift is.
Yay for my cute new bag!

John, however, informed me that I am super lame because this magazine I chose is advertising that it is #1 among thirty-somethings.  Oh well, live and learn.  There's another magazine with an Anna Sui coin purse that I have my eye on...

And, just for fun, I bought a strawberry sandwich at the Seven-Eleven today.  I only started seeing them last week.  Maybe they're seasonal, or maybe I'm just unobservant?
I was worried the white stuff would be mayonnaise or butter or something else unpleasant, but it wasn't. There appeared to be a white and a yellow icing, but they turned out to be whipped cream and custard in very nice proportions.  Definitely more of a dessert than a lunch, but delicious all the same!

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