Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Apartment

We've been in our new apartment for 2 weeks now, and I love it!  Akasaka is a fantastic neighborhood, we finally have furniture, and it's feeling like this is really home.  Back in the temporary place John used to dread coming home to our apartment.  But this place is great.

I was worried that I would miss the bright lights and liveliness of Roppongi (and the proximity to Donki) even though I couldn't wait to get away from some of the seedier aspects of the neighborhood.  But Akasaka has almost everything I could want.  There's a great area around the stations with lots of shops, restaurants, and fun things to do.  But we live on a quiet street with a neighborhood shrine, and we can even see stars at night!

Three Things I Hate About Our Apartment:

The bathroom has the world's tiniest sink - and only COLD water!  (Though the toilet seat is heated, which it turns out is awesome.)

No central air (I guess I'm spoiled), but we're losing a lot of heat through the windows since we don't have curtains yet.

Our entryway is marble which is a) Ugly b) Ostentatious and c) Cold on bare feet!

Three Things I Love About Our Apartment:

The washer/dryer controls are in English!  

Our fridge can open to the left or right!

This is our view.

All in all, it's really great.  We're close to Raku, it's not hard for John to get to work, I now have kitchen sink that is bigger than the whole kitchen was in our last place, and of course it's wonderful to have our belongings back after packing them up in August.


  1. Your kitchen sink is bigger than the whole kitchen was in the last place? Wow.

  2. Just read your past month of blogs :) I'm so glad you are settling in! :) I can't wait to see more pics of your apartment!

  3. Thanks! We just got your card a couple days ago. It was so sweet. Your Australian & New Zealand sounded amazing too!