Sunday, January 20, 2013

Snow Day

On  Monday it snowed!  It was beautiful to look out the window of a high rise building and see the snow swirling so far above AND below us.  I heard we got between 8 and 12 cm (not that I measured myself).

I didn't take any pictures while it was snowing, but I did go to the neighborhood shrine the next day to take some pictures before all the snow melted off.

Slush and Flower Petals in the Street

Snow Melting From the Roof of a Well

I love that there is so much green foliage here even in the winter!

Snowy Entrance to Hikawa Shrine

Snowy Ornamental Cabbages

Later in the week I discovered a couple of really cute snowmen near our house.

That's a plastic spoon for a nose!

His eyes are pine cones.
Rumor has it John will soon be making an appearance soon with a blog about computer buying/building in Japan.

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  1. Beautiful photos! If you like the grey/green winter, you should try the Pacific Northwest when you come back. You might find you miss the sun though...