Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Recent Purchases That Make Life Better

Over the past couple weeks John and I have been buying all the things we need to fully furnish our apartment, but I've also made some smaller purchases of things that just make daily life better.

I've never really cared for slippers much, I was more of a barefoot girl, but I suppose I mostly grew up with carpet and didn't have to experience ice cold floors.  I got these at Muji during the holiday sales.

I particularly love how these look like flats.

Speaking of Muji, I got some of their bath salts and sugars for Christmas.  It seems that the salts are a finer grain and a little more powdery, while the bath sugars seem to be larger crystals (I don't think they're really sugar) and a slightly stickier texture like there are more essential oils in them.  I really like both!

We also recently purchased a humidifier.  I had only ever been here in the summer when it's terribly humid, so I was very surprised to discover how cold and dry it becomes in the winter.  It seems that running the heat further dries out the already dry air, so we bought a hygrometer to keep track of the humidity level (and it turns out John like his humidity to resemble a summer day in Durham).

We chose the Middle Colors brand humidifier, partly because it's sold everywhere, and also because it was pretty cute.  It's ultrasonic so it doesn't have to heat the water, and it doesn't seem to have a problem with making dust.  It has very discrete controls, and works really nicely.  It also has an essential oils diffuser.

And finally, at the the grocery store I made the best cleaning discovery!  Our sink has a little mesh basket that catches food particles.  But then it is really gross and difficult to scrape everything out of the mesh.  Ugh!

While looking for trash bags one day, I came across these little bags that are net filters for sink baskets.

They look like teensy hair nets, and are stretchy, so they will fit a number of different sizes and shapes.

Ta-da! Now, I can just throw away these little bags instead of scraping grossness out with a spoon.  It's so cool, it almost keeps me from being disgusted when I change them.


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    1. I'm so glad you're enjoying the blog! John is looking forward to seeing you next week, and I'll be fine (but maybe a little jealous) while he's back home.