Saturday, December 15, 2012

Three Quick Happy Things

1.  Today is cold and rainy and foggy, and John and I both woke up with mildly sore throats.  For lunch we decided spicy miso ramen was in order and dashed over to the ramen shop a few buildings down.  After we had been served, the man behind the counter noticed that I didn't have a hair tie and was struggling to keep my hair out of the soup, and offered me several bobby pins!  It was such a simple gesture, but almost overwhelming in its kindness.  Thank you Maruyoshi for delicious ramen, and such kind service!

2.  A couple days ago I was perusing the tea selection at Seiji Isho Supermarket and found a huge box (of excellently priced) PG Tips.  John and I drank some this morning and happily though of our trip to Colorado earlier this fall.

3.  Yesterday I had a wonderful day going to an onsen (hot spring) with 2 friends in Enoshima.  We took a train to a quaint little town and then walked across a bring to the island of Enoshima.  As we walked across the bridge we had a gorgeous view of Mt. Fuji (my first), and then we were able to relax in the hot water and look out through the steamy windows at the ocean.  Ahh!  So wonderful!

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