Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Japanese Christmas Cake

In Japan, there is a cake that is traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve (I don't think this is an age old tradition) made from sponge cake, strawberries, and whipped cream.  I didn't really expect there to be many baking traditions to embrace here in Japan - so I was thrilled to find one.  Here are the results of the cake I made yesterday.

I started with a prebaked cake.  (I know, it's cheating, but I'm moving tomorrow - shortcuts were needed)

And bought some whipped topping already in a decorating tube.  I whipped regular cream to use as the frosting.

I also bought Christmas decorations for the cake.  We thought the Santa was made of candy, but he was definitely wax!

Frosting the first layer of the cake.

Layering the sliced strawberries

More whipped cream, and the second layer.

The fully frosted cake

The final product!

Truthfully, it wasn't all that flavorful.  But it was festive and lovely.  Merry Christmas!

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