Saturday, October 5, 2013

Change of Plans

My ten year high school reunion is going on right now. Weird. It seems forever ago, but then actually hearing ten years sounds crazy. John and I were supposed to be in Okinawa this weekend, but unfortunately there's a typhoon hitting them so the trip had to be canceled. At least the flights were cheap and the hotel was refundable. Sadly it's also grey and rainy in Tokyo.

Misty Skyline

Luckily, we're finding ways to enjoy the weekend anyways. The other day I bought some tiny pumpkins at Aoyama Flower Market. The normal size are like 3000 yen, but these were less than 300. The funniest part is that they give you stickers to make jack-o-lanters, so that you don't have to color or carve them.
Jack-o-Lantern Stickers

Our little pumpkin friend
And as usual, Saturday mornings call for pancakes.  This morning I tried a new recipe - lemon ricotta pancakes with spiced apples.

The apples are the best part

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