Thursday, May 16, 2013

Japanese Wedding Pictures

A few weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to attend a friend's wedding photo shoot! It was on a wonderful sunny morning in a beautiful park, and Yoshimi looked gorgeous. I'll miss her when she moves to Italy with her husband in a few months, but I'm so excited for her!

In Japan, weddings are often simple civil ceremonies that are little more than filing paperwork. Couples will often have parties later to celebrate and take traditional photos on a separate date.

We met them at Kiyosumi Teien, a beautiful garden in Kiyosumi Shirokawa.

So peaceful!

Beautifully colored leaves

In order to take these photos couples rent the wedding kimono, and they provide staff that help dress you and then make sure the kimono are perfectly adjusted in every photo.   I was amazed by their attention to detail.  They make sure that everything is perfect from the alignment of the collar to the fall of the hem.

Making adjustments

The lovely couple

This park must be a popular place for wedding photos because we saw another couple doing their photos there also.

We even got to be have our pictures taken with them!

This is my favorite!

Walking around in the female kimono is no easy task!  Just to sit down on this rock two people had to help Yoshimi.  The inner white kimono is wrapped very tightly so that very small steps must be taken, and the red outer coat is so heavy!  After she took it off, Yoshimi let us hold it, and it was like a futon mattress!

The white kimono
Many thanks to Yoshimi for inviting us to her photos, letting us take pictures of our own, and giving me permission to blog about them!

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