Sunday, May 5, 2013

Japanese Face Wash

Since we got here I've been testing out different face washes, trying to find one I really like.  John gave up on this after about 3 weeks, and decided he was just sticking to his US face wash even though he has to bring it in with him.  Here are my reviews of all the products I've tried so far.

Biore Acne Care アクネケア

This is the first face wash that I tried, and the only one targeted directly at acne.  It did a good job, but it was very drying to my face, though that may be partly because I was using it in winter when the humidity was very low.  The face wash had a slightly medicinal scent, and the texture of it was very slippery.  It left my face feeling squeaky clean.  I would definitely use it again, but it wasn't my favorite.

 Perfect Whip

This face wash foams up nicely, but I think it may be a moisturizing face wash, because it feels a little oily on my fingers, and I quit using it because my skin is pretty oily on its own and quickly started breaking out.  This might be a good choice if you have dry skin.

 Dove Men+ Care

I originally bought this for John, but he didn't like it, so I thought I'd finish it for him. It has a nice botanical but masculine scent, and the texture is slippery - much like the Biore Acne Care. Unfortunately my face broke out like crazy with this, just like John's, so I didn't finish it. Of everything I've tried this is probably my least favorite (to be fair I'm obviously not the target audience,  but John didn't like it either).

Dove Deep Pure

This face wash was one of my favorites.  It comes in a smaller tube (for the same price) than other face washes, but it lathers up into a really nice foam.  I thought it did a good job with my oily skin without over drying, and John says he's used it before and also liked it.  It also has a slightly medicinal smell like the Biore Acne Care, which was the only thing I didn't care for.

Men's Biore Double Scrub ダブルスクラブ

I wouldn't have picked this out myself, but my friend Hunter loves it and introduced me to it.  This was the only exfoliating face wash that I tried, and according to the website it has two different exfoliants: black beads that target black heads and oil and white beads that exfoliate dead skin.  I don't know if that's really true, but this was my other favorite face wash.  My face felt great after the exfoliation, and it has a wonderful grapefruit scent (which you know I love).  Hunter likes to mix it with a little of the Dove Deep Pure for a combination of exfoliation and lather, but I think they both work well on their own.


  1. Hi Wendy! I love the grapefruit post - it reminded me to look up what grapefruit is in Spanish, as Alex and Angie are always puzzled about what I'm talking about (Uvas? they ask (grapes)). I try pamplemouse on them and they look at me like I'm crazy. Turns out, it's pomelos, which I think in English is a slightly different but related fruit.

    Anyway, about face wash, for a few years I've been alternating daily between washing my face with honey and coconut oil. As I get older and my skin drier, I use the honey less (maybe once a week) and the coconut oil more. I've got Angie using honey though and she's pretty happy with it. It doesn't lather of course but it has some nice astringent and antibacterial properties, not to mention yum! Give it a try sometime if you're interested.

    1. I will definitely try that. Does it matter what type of honey?