Saturday, May 4, 2013

Grapefruit Obsession

You know what fruit doesn't get enough attention?  The grapefruit.  Before coming to Japan I never really thought about it.  Once in a while John and I would drink grapefruit juice (and Simply Grapefruit is undeniably delicious) but I never sought it out.  In Japan however, grapefruit is a very popular flavor.

7-Eleven has a line of sparkling waters, and the grapefruit is excellent.  It was this drink that first made me realize how much I love grapefruit.

Delicious!  And only 88 yen.
Once I was paying attention I started noticing common grapefruit is as a flavor.  Peach is also a very popular fruit, but I see grapefruit everywhere.

I think this is a seasonal flavor

I like the concept - but they're not the best.
 One of my favorite bakeries - Maison Kayser - has even introduced a grapefruit pastry.

Being french they call it "pamplemousse"
My second favorite grapefruit product (after the sparkling water) is the Grapefruit Chuhai.  Chuhais are fruit flavored alcoholic beverages, that can actually be made as a cocktail, but are mostly sold in cans.  The name comes from "ShoCHU HIgh ball" This basically tastes like grapefruit flavored Sprite.

Time for karaoke?


  1. Just bought a grapefruit SPF spray! It tastes just like a real grapefruit -- was tempted to eat it.

  2. Oops I mean it SMELLS just like a grapefruit. Obviously was really tempted to eat it.

    1. Haha, I want to try it! (on my skin, not for eating)