Tuesday, March 29, 2016

I Miss Thunderstorms

We had a thunderstorm last night. I can't even remember how many we used to have back home now, but they're incredibly rare in Tokyo. Probably less than once per year. 

The sakura seem to be unusually slow coming out this year. Maybe I'm imagining it, or maybe my information was less accurate this year, or maybe it's the cold snap we had last week but we haven't quite reached the flood of flowers I thought we'd have by now. 

This post is becoming more disjointed by the second, but I got some really sad news about a childhood friend this morning that makes my heart ache for her. It also makes me so grateful for my own life. The things I worry about, the daily annoyances that irritate me, the problems I'm trying to solve are trivial compared to what so many people are struggling with. I hope that on days when I vent my frustrations or mention bouts of homesickness I don't come across as ungrateful because I know how truly lucky I am.

My newest spring furoshiki
Sakura Cronuts - we may have a slight cronut addiction over here

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