Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Almost Sakura

It's almost sakura season. The very first cherry blossoms are just opening up, and by this weekend they'll be in full force. But even now there are flowers blooming everywhere and warmer days have been sneaking in here and there.

I suppose this is how it always goes, but winter seems like it has lasted forever even though time also seems to be flying. In just a month John's mom is coming out to visit us and we are so excited to show her all the things we love about Japan! And I am so looking forward to warmer sunny days and more time spent outside.

These are best smelling flowers in the world! (If only I knew their name)

I think I associate Camellias with Japan as much as I do Cherry Blossoms


  1. Hi! The wonderful fragrant mostly white with a bit of yellow are frangipani or plumeria. My mother brought a potted one to Canada from Texas when she moved here in the 70s - it lived a long time. They were popular in Barbados and I once found a perfume that was supposed to have the frangipani scent, but it was nothing like the real one sadly.

    1. Oh, I love plumeria! I think that picture is misleading though. The flowers are really tiny, and they grow on a bush rather than a tree. I finally got the Japanese name (Jinchoge) and searched from there - apparently it's a plant called Winter Daphne.