Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Five Years

This past weekend John and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary. We've been traveling a lot lately, but just a couple weeks ago we decided to go away for one night to celebrate. 

Karuizawa, a little mountain town in Nagano prefecture, has become one of our favorite places in Japan. And being low season right now we managed to get a really great deal on the Mampei Hotel. Being in Karuizawa always reminds me of Western North Carolina, and the old-fashioned luxury of the the Mampei seems like it could be straight out of the resort in Dirty Dancing.

We spent the weekend walking around and enjoying the scenery, breathing in the fresh air, and being just as in love as we were five years ago. There was a hike John had been on before that he wanted to show me, but it turned out to be more than we had bargained for, with increasing amounts of snow, and then no bus running back into town. My legs are still sore today from all the walking!

A snowy creek side in Naka-Karuizawa
Our room at the Mampei
The Mampei Lobby
We went for a hike that got snowier and snowier as we went along.
We did see bear tracks on our hike
The snow got a little out of hand
Nothing like the best ice cream in the world after a hike, even if it is winter.

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