Friday, September 18, 2015

Home Again

It was an amazing month back in the US, but I'm finally home in Tokyo. I have to admit it feels good to be back. When we came back after Christmas I was pretty sad, but not this time. Being reunited with my wonderful husband (and my favorite pillow and my electric toothbrush) probably didn't hurt.

When I last posted I was just about to leave on my touristy part of the trip - visiting Chicago and Boston. I encountered a fair amount of rain but still managed to get in a good amount of sight seeing, and more importantly reunions with friends. Oh, and let's not forget about the food! Chicago style pizza, tacos, brunch, delicious coffee and blueberry scones, clam chowder, lobster rolls, cannolis! Yeah, it was all amazing.

In Chicago I stayed with a wonderful friend and was able to catch up with a couple other friends from undergrad. They all lived in the same neighborhood, Wicker Park, which was fun to explore. In between the rain I was also able to walk around Millennium Park, see the bean, and walk along the edge of Lake Michigan.

In Boston I went to the wedding of another great friend and was able to catch up with tons of people. I also managed to squeeze in several walks around the Public Garden, the Isabella Gardener Museum, walking the freedom trail which is a path of many of the historic sights of Boston, and lunch in the North End - the historic Italian neighborhood.

I think that living in Japan has really taught be how to be a better tourist. I used to visit places I was interested in, thinking that I would figure it all out once I got there and just see what happened, but without knowing what the highlights I shouldn't miss were. Now I've gotten used to looking up what the historical significance of places are, what foods they are known for, and what sights I will be disappointed if I miss.  I felt so much more relaxed having an idea of what I want to do before arriving, and even though I wish I had seen more, I had an amazing time in each place.