Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Where to Get Travel Vaccines in Tokyo

Preparing for our upcoming trip to Cambodia and Vietnam, John and I realized that we needed to update our vaccines. We both needed a Typhoid vaccine, and I needed a Hepatitis A vaccine as well. It turned out to be sort of complicated and expensive, and I contacted a lot of clinics in the process, so I thought I'd share the information I gathered in hopes that it will be useful to other people.

For starters, Japanese National Insurance doesn't cover optional vaccines, and travel vaccines fall into that category, so you'll probably be paying out of pocket. Additionally, Japan doesn't produce a Typhoid vaccine and most Japanese people never get this vaccine even when they travel. If you want this vaccine you will have to find a clinic that imports it, and as far as I can tell Tokyo is the only city in Japan where it is available. 

Hepatitis A is also complicated. In the US (and in Europe as far as I can tell) Hepatitis A requires one vaccine for a year of immunity, and then a booster that will increase immunity for 10+ years. In Japan is is a 3 shot series, generally I think you can travel after the second vaccine and conclude the series later. I was unable to find any information on how the Japanese vaccine interacts with US vaccine.

John ended up getting his at Hiroo Garden Clinic and I got mine at IZ Travel Clinic. The good news is that we both thought these were the most painless shots we'd ever received. They must give some really great training here!

These are the prices for the vaccines that I was quoted at different clinics.

Hiroo Garden Clinic
Typhoid: 10,000 yen
Hep A (Japanese): 10,000 yen (x 3)
Consultation Fee: 3,240 yen, Only charged for a true consultation - they will waive this fee if you receive the vaccines on the same day.

IZ Travel in Shinagawa
Combination Hep A (American)  & Typhoid: 23,750 yen
Consultation Fee: 2,950 yen

King Clinic in Shibuya
Hep A (American): 17,1000 yen
Typhoid: 9,500 yen
Consultation Fee: 4,000 yen

Midtown Clinic
Hep A (Japanese): 8,240 yen (x 3)
Typhoid: 10,800 yen
Consultation Fee: 5,400 yen

Tokyo Medical Clinic
Hep A (Japanese): 10, 260 yen (x 3)
Hep A (American): 15,000 yen
Typhoid: 12,420 yen
New patient consultation fee: 12,000 yen