Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Savory Rolls

Someday I'm going to have an oven again, and it's going to be amazing.  For now the baking adventures are rare occasions, but I decided Raku's birthday called for something special.  After learning earlier this year that John's favorite birthday cake WAS NOT actually his favorite birthday cake (I've only known him for 13 years) I didn't want to repeat my mistake with Raku.  The thing is, she's a savory person not a sweet tooth!  She might prefer a ham sandwich over a slice of cake.  So I invented a non-cake, savory baked good just for her.

I make some pretty amazing cinnamon rolls, but I got to thinking, what if instead of filling them with cinnamony goodness I filled them with savory things?  They would look beautiful and festive and hopefully taste like her dream come true.  So, I made my usual dough without the sugar, and then smeared garlic butter all over, sprinkled crushed red pepper, italian seasoning, chopped up bacon, kalamata olives, and topped it all with parmesan cheese.

I didn't even do the baking, just the preparation, so she could have them fresh and warm on the morning of her birthday.  She gave us a couple later, and they were pretty good - though speaking as a sweet tooth a cinnamon roll would always win me over.

Looking Like a Pizza
Cutting them with floss is always my favorite part
Almost There


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  1. They were so good! Best birthday buns EVER! Thank you, Wendy!