Friday, May 30, 2014

Grilled Pudding Kit Kats

Ok, I've probably said this before, but it's even more true this time. I found the world's craziest kitkats. I wasn't even sure what flavor they were when I bought the bag, but I could tell I needed to buy them asap.

From the picture it seemed like they were supposed to taste like they had been grilled, and while they didn't they were still delicious - a mix of vanilla and caramel. I couldn't read much on the bag, but I could read caramel powder 0.5%. But when I showed them to Raku she was able to shed a great deal of light on the situation. First of all, they're pudding flavored! Incidentally, I learned プリン is the word for pudding (phonetically, purin). And pudding here generally comes as vanilla with a little caramel topping which explains the flavor. But they were not meant to taste grilled, WE were supposed to grill them! Crazy, right?

Our week of fun was obviously the perfect time to test out this madness. First they start to melt and then the tops start to turn golden and then you're like, omg who ever thought of cooking a kitkat? To be honest, Raku and I both thought they tasted better uncooked. They were sort of difficult to eat (we used forks) and the melty-ness of it took away from the usual crunch they have. The flavor however, delicious! Most novelty flavors aren't that great, but I would definitely buy more of these if I saw them again.

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