Tuesday, April 22, 2014


The past few days have been very grey and damp, but this sun is back this morning.  Even when it was kind of dreary outside I didn't mind, I've been loving that spring is really finally here.  There are lots of flowers in bloom, and even the flowers that the rain has washed down look pretty on the ground.  Even better, I'm confident that our puffy winter coats have been retired for the season.  This past weekend John and I had a picnic outside the Imperial Palace, and now all I want are more picnics, outdoor cafes, and drinks on the roof.  Tomorrow I'm going to Ikea to get a couple inexpensive folding chairs so John and I can lounge more comfortably on the roof.  I'm even contemplating a spring haircut!

Hot Cross Pancakes for Easter

The End of The Late Blooming Sakura


  1. So that's what hot cross pancakes look like. What is the cross made out of? I'm glad you are enjoying spring so much.

    1. It's frosting! I just mixed some cream cheese, whipped cream, and maple syrup together with a fork until it was smooth.