Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Unusual KitKats

I just can't stop myself when I see unusual kitkat flavors (except for the green tea ones, I never want those).  I've had a few lately that I thought were worth sharing.

The first came in a big box that I got to send to a friend in the US, but I took the liberty of sampling one because it was wasabi flavored!  It was without question one of the weirdest things I've ever tasted. They're bright green, just like the root, and although they were sweet and not at all spicy there was the unmistakable horseradish flavor.  I don't know if I'm crazy, but it always seems like I can taste horseradish and wasabi at least as much in my nose as in my mouth.  Does that happen to anyone else? Because of that flavor it seemed really savory despite being sweet.  I wouldn't seek another one out, but I'm glad I tried one.

I bought the next flavor just because the name was so funny.  Well, let's be honest I would have purchased it anyways.  Men's Almond KitKat.  I have no idea what that name means, maybe it's too strongly flavored for women?  I was also interested in this one because it came in the giant candy bar size rather than the usual sticks.  I split this one with Raku, and we both agreed it didn't taste like almonds at all.  It mostly tasted like chocolate, with a brief flash of coffee somewhere in the middle of chewing that was quickly lost.  The label says something about coffee too, but I can't read all of it, so I suppose that will remain a mystery. It was better than most of the novelty flavors, but nothing spectacular.

The last one we tried was also in the giant candy bar form and it was Royal Milk Tea flavored.  If you're wondering what royal milk tea is, it's something Lipton introduced to the Japanese market in the 60's.  It's pretty much black tea with sweetened condensed milk making it very rich and very sweet.  If you've ever tried bubble tea I think it's similar to the milk tea base.  I see it everywhere and it's insanely popular, though I'm not a big fan of it.  The kitkat was delicious though!  Raku and I both agreed that this was a real standout among the novelty flavors and I'd definitely recommend it if you ever see one.

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