Saturday, March 29, 2014

Cherry Blossoms and A Book Update

I looked outside this morning and discovered the cherry blossoms have burst into life. John says it happened yesterday and he didn't even think to tell me! You might be wondering why I wouldn't also be aware of the sakura, well that cold I mentioned I was fighting in my last post, let's just say it won.

Despite how bad I've felt the whole time, it's actually been a really great week. It started off with my mom buying her plane ticket out here, and now I'm already trying to plan out the perfect itinerary for each day she's here. And then, somehow despite all of the naps I've been taking, TV I've been watching, and cold medicine I've been guzzling I finished the first draft of my book! It doesn't mean I'm finished, there's still a lot of work that needs to be done before anyone gets to see it (and I start looking for an agent) but wow. I wrote a book! It's not a good book yet, but I think by the time I'm done it might be.

And it's finally spring! The weather is warm and flowers are everywhere. I celebrated by making raspberry swirl chocolate chip pancakes this morning - that's right, I'm a pretty awesome cook even when I'm sick. (Ok, I took an hour and a half nap afterwards) And then I convinced John to go on a walk with me to see some of the sakura. I love all the different varieties that there are. Some are dark pink with fluttery petals, and some are almost white with just the faintest blush of pink. Some bloom in clumps on the branches that look like snowballs,  other are spread out all over, and then there are the weeping cherry trees drifting in the breeze. It's absolutely heaven.

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  1. Wow, congratulations on finishing the first draft of your book!!! Those deep pink cherry blossoms are beautiful. I didn't know they could be that shade. Could I get the recipe for those raspberry swirl chocolate chip pancakes? I may not eat chocolate, but they sound so good, I want the recipe.