Friday, March 7, 2014

Home From Guam

We're back from Guam.  It was a glorious trip, and I plan to write all about soon (especially because there seems to be very little tourist information in English about Guam), but I need a little more time to organize my photos and my thoughts.

I will say that Guam is sort of like if the United States and Japan had a very strange child, and it had perfect weather all the time.  There was some tropical storm about 200 miles away and everyone kept apologizing to us about the bad weather, and by that they meant it was windier than normal and one day it rained for about half an hour in the afternoon.  Seriously, every day the highs were in the 80's the lows were in the 70's, and it turns out as long as there's an ocean breeze John and I don't really mind humidity at all.

So, how did Tokyo choose to greet us on our return?  With snow!  This was the first time I've left Japan since we moved here fifteen months ago (wow!! that's so long) and I was surprised how much it felt like home when we got off the train in Akasaka.  For the first time ever we had a really frustrating experience in Narita airport, normally it's a model of efficiency and politeness but this time a woman yelled at us four times about standing in line (which we were doing just fine), then they wouldn't accept our immigration forms because they were written in pencil (though that was just fine when we were leaving the country), and finally clearing customs the officer asked how long our visit was for and we had to explain we live here.  By that point I was exhausted and ready to scream and we still had the long train ride into Tokyo so it was a surprise to find Akasaka so comforting when we finally arrived, but it's nice to be back in our home.  (Though I wouldn't complain if our home was surrounded by palm trees and beaches either)

John and I celebrated our third anniversary on this trip, the first time we've managed to properly celebrate.  I love him more than I could possibly say, so I wont bore you all by rambling on and on about that.  But I've got a pretty wonderful life.

Sunglasses Selfie


Coffee, trying to stay warm in Tokyo

George Clooney for Kirin Green (basically light beer) was here to welcome us back to Japan

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  1. I'm glad your trip went well and that you enjoyed your 3 year anniversary - congrats! :)