Sunday, August 4, 2013

Tiny Case of Beer

Back in North Carolina it was pretty normal for us to buy a case of beer and just have it sitting around in the fridge.  Not so much in Japan.  Beer is almost exclusively sold individually, and on the rare occasions that I do see a case it's only ever a six pack (and roughly $2 per beer).  Can you imagine buying a 24-pack for $48?  Me neither.

Yesterday John and I found this hilarious little case of beer which was unusual both because it was a case and because it was Budweiser - which we don't see much of.  We bought it for novelty's sake.

It's so tiny!

What?  You were expecting 4?

The 4th was a coozie!


  1. Love it! Why on Earth would you want four beers when you could have three and a coozie?!

    1. And why would you want Bud Light when you could have Budweiser?