Thursday, August 8, 2013

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt

UPDATE: I've just discovered that Golden Spoon has closed, which is super disappointing. Frozen yogurt just can't seem to make it in Tokyo. Try Party Land Frozen Yogurt or Red Mango

Back in March I wrote about Partyland Frozen Yogurt.  When John and I were here a few summers ago we had found a frozen yogurt place called Golden Spoon near Tokyo Midtown, but alas it closed. Just last week Raku and I were in the Marunouchi area when we stumbled across another Golden Spoon!  So exciting!

Golden Spoon Frozen Yogurt
It's just a little spot in the basement of the Oazo building across from Tokyo Station.  There isn't anywhere to sit, which is sort of a drawback.  But Raku and I were perfectly happy to walk around eating our delicious frozen yogurt.

Golden Spoon is a different style than Partyland, it's not self-serve, more in the style of a Pink Berry or Red Mango.  A regular size of one or two flavors is 400 yen, and toppings are 50 yen each.  They had Tart, Vanilla, and Chocolate, plus seasonal flavors of Blueberry, Raspberry, and Pineapple.

Pineapple and Chocolate with Cookies
We were really impressed with the quality.  All of the flavors were really enjoyable, and I would say the frozen yogurt itself was much better quality than Partyland.  It was really creamy - not icy at all, and the perfect frozen texture, not too soft and melty.

Tart with Sprinkles
Be advised however, that while they offer both wafer cones and waffle cones they will only put toppings on the waffle cones.  Apparently they might be too messy on the wafer cones.


  1. Your pineapple/chocolate combo was so tasty. I should have gone for something less boring than vanilla. Next time!

    1. I thought yours was really good too, and I normally don't like the "plain" flavors!