Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Partyland Frozen Yogurt

Be still my heart,  I've finally found frozen yogurt in Tokyo!

I had all but given up, but then John and I were wandering around Shibuya last weekend when we stumbled across Partyland Frozen Yogurt.  From the outside it looked legit - but I was scared it would be a disappointment inside.

It's even sold by the weight - together our two were 750 yen
Walking in the door I was thrilled to see that there were multiple self-serve options - including the swirl option, of course.  John and I both got chocolate and cheese cake.  The flavors are labeled in English, and the signs indicate which flavors are tart.

Next time I need to try the melon flavor
And then there were the toppings.  The fruits were really fresh and delicious, the mochi was cut into bigger pieces than I was used too, but the whole area was clean and nicely organized.

A little of everything, please!
I was really pleased with mine.  The gummy bears were a little dry, and the chocolate was a little melty - but overall I still thought it was great.  I asked John's opinion and he told me it was terrible, but when I asked why he admitted it was because he didn't put enough chocolate chips on - so we'll chalk that up to user error.

I'm going to have to work harder at the gym.

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Hours: 11:00-11:00
Phone: 03-6416-5900
Address: 13-4 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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  1. Mmmm looks delicious! Can't wait to go with you when the weather's warmer...