Tuesday, April 12, 2016

In Praise of Dekopon

Have you ever heard of dekopon? They're my new obsession. Dekopon are a type of citrus fruit developed in Japan that look like oranges with a funny bump on top. I never knew what they were until I read an article about a month ago that mentioned them - in the US I think they're marketed under the name Sumo. So I got curious and picked some up. My only question now is why did I wait so long to try them?

They taste a lot like clementines, but imagine every dekonpon tastes like the best clementine you've ever eaten. They're large, and they're easy to peel. If you see them, trust me, you should buy them! Unfortunately their flavor breaks down pretty quickly, so don't let them linger in the back of your fridge or save them for a special occasion.

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