Thursday, January 7, 2016

Hello 2016

Happy New Year! With the holidays over our Christmas decorations are down, and the Japanese New Year's decorations in the neighborhood are coming down too. Now we're just getting back to regular life, or as close to that as we can.

Yesterday was Raku's due date, and while there's no baby yet it's bound to be soon! It's exciting and strange to imagine what life will be like now. We've been so reliant on each other in creating a routine and stability in our day to day lives. I hope that we still can, but there's no doubt it will be different. Raku is obviously facing some pretty amazing changes, and I am going to have step up the self discipline to keep writing on my own. (Which will probably be harder than ever when I want to hang out with a brand new baby all the time) Anxieties aside, I'm excited for the upcoming year. I anticipate it being full of fun and joy.

New Year's Furoshiki
Best Christmas present ever from my sister!
Birthday cufflinks for John
I've been trying to wear pants more often, but my legs always feel like they're in prison - skirts for life!

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