Monday, August 10, 2015

Luke's Lobster Rolls in Omotesando

Earlier in the summer Raku and I tried out Luke's Lobster Rolls in Omotesando. On most weekends you'll see a line of people stretching down the street, but on a weekday we were able to walk right up and order at lunchtime. 

Even though it's right in the middle of Tokyo it has a really adorable New England feel, and the food was delicious. I'd never had a lobster roll before, but Raku has had many and she assured me these were good. They offer a "US" and a "regular" lobster roll - that refers to size, and specifically the amount of filling because the bread is the same size for each. I ordered the regular and thought it was very generous. Raku ordered the US for comparison and said she was able to pick several big chunks of lobster off to eat first and still have a nicely full lobster roll to eat afterwards. We got the sets for an additional 400 yen which includes kettle chips and a drink. I had a really good ginger ale, but they also serve beer.

The rolls are sold from a window, and service is quick. There's a little seating outside with umbrellas shading wooden benches, but you'll also see people standing around in the street eating theirs. We were able to snag seats, but we were there on a week day and the weather was a little drizzly. 

Luke's Lobster in Omotesando
Pretending I'm in Maine
I love how they say where the lobster is from each day
Luke's Lobster Tokyo Menu

Luke's Lobster
Hours: 11:00-8:00
Phone: 03-5778-3757
Location: 6-7-1 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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