Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Afternoon Tea at The Metropole Hanoi

After we made our reservations to stay at the Metropole Hotel I was really excited to discover that they have an afternoon tea, and that it included a chocolate buffet! When everyone caught sight of it being set up it didn't take any convincing that we needed to go.

The tea gets a lot of rave reviews and some people say it's a Hanoi must-do. I think the location is beautiful and the chocolate buffet is absolutely stunning, but to be honest I didn't find it as relaxing as most of the afternoon tea's that Raku and I have gone to.

I'll get my two complaints out of the way, and then you can focus on the chocolate. My biggest (and most legitimate) complaint is that each person only gets one small pot of tea that holds about 2 cups. Maybe I've gotten spoiled in Tokyo sipping endless cups of tea, but with the amount of chocolate on offer you really need more to drink! We ended up ordering a couple bottles of sparkling water for the table, but it kind of changed the whole experience. My other complaint is probably more our own faults, and it is about self-control. The chocolate buffet is so gorgeous and indulgent and wonderful, but it's way too easy to wolf down a plate of chocolates and then feel sort of sick (just ask our husbands.) Raku and I did a better job of pacing ourselves, but it just didn't feel as relaxing as the usual tiered tea tray.

You're probably reading this and thinking, "Are you kidding me? What is wrong with this person that is complaining about a chocolate buffet?!?" You're probably right. The set up, as I'm already said was so beautiful, and the quality of the food was excellent. There was an entire chocolate ice cream station with fresh fruits, sauces, toppings, and ice cream in silver pots. There were also extensive selections of truffles, cakes, macarons, and a small side table of sandwiches to help balance out all the sugar. On top of that you could special order chocolate cocktails or chocolate milkshakes.

We walked right in on a Friday afternoon and had no trouble being seated without a reservation. So, if you're thinking about going, I'd recommend it - but remember to pace yourself and don't drink your tea too quickly.

The fanciest ice cream set-up I've ever seen

Can you see why we had trouble with will power?

Of all the desserts the cakes were probably the most skip-able, but they sure are pretty

Chocolate fountain with fruit, marshmallows, cakes and donuts on skewers

The sandwich selection was minimal, but they were all excellent


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