Monday, February 2, 2015

Tokyo Run For The Cure

Guess what? I'm terribly late in writing about this, but Raku and I ran a 5K! In the rain!

Back at the end of summer we signed up for the Tokyo Run for the Cure, and then at the end of November we ran it. It was the first race either of us had ever done, so we weren't really sure what to expect. The weather report looked iffy all week, but we decided to tough it out, even if it was raining.

On the morning of the race we arrived at Hibiya Koen in a light rain, checked in, and got our race shirts. They also gave everyone colored stickers to denote 10K runners, 5K runners, and 5K walkers. Unfortunately as the rain started to pick up most people's stickers started to fall off, and the organization seemed to crumble a little bit too.

Before the races started they had a group of Hooters girls do some cheerleading routines to pump us up, which frankly, I found really strange. Then we were led in a series of stretches and warmups. As cranky as I felt in the cold rain it was hilarious to watch so many people doing stretches while holding umbrellas.

From the park we were herded over to the Imperial Palace loop in groups, which is when the organization seemed to be most lacking. Once we had all discarded our umbrellas and coats in the park we ended up having to stand at the starting line in the pouring rain for about twenty minutes. 

Finally we were off running, and after a few minutes we started to warm up and stopped noticing the rain as much. By the end of the race the rain had stopped, and we were quite proud of ourselves for being so hardcore.

People warned us beforehand that racing could be addictive and that before we knew it we'd be training for a half marathon. Well, maybe it was the disorganization or the discomfort of the rain, but I don't think I have the heart of a runner. I'm glad I had the experience, but I honestly didn't feel any more excited or proud of myself than when Raku and I run the palace loop by ourselves.

That said, the money benefits a great cause, and it's a healthy active way to spend a Saturday morning. If you have the chance, think about signing up - just cross your fingers that it doesn't rain.

A cheerleading routine

Stretching in the rain

Soaking, but victorious

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