Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

It's cold and snowy again in Tokyo, but I feel warm surrounded by love and friendship.  There are days living here that I feel like I might go insane (though I'm sure I'd have days like that no matter where I lived) but there is nowhere I would rather be than right here beside John.  I feel so lucky to have such a wonderful, funny, honest, and sweet (he'd never admit to the last one) person to share my life with.  As long as he was there I think I could probably live anywhere.

I've got some pretty good friends here, as well as friends and family around the world supporting me, all of whom I'm grateful for.  I hope all of you have people in your lives that make life better too!

This morning I made crepes for breakfast, and this afternoon I'm having coffee with Raku and Sarrin. Tonight I think we might mull some wine (Valentines-y and Snowy-weather appropriate!)  Lots of love from me to all of you!

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