Sunday, February 2, 2014

Good News!

Guess what?  John and I are taking a vacation!  We've had two other attempted trips that have failed (typhoons in Okinawa and a friend's wedding in Thailand that we weren't able to attend) but we're finally going away.  We had some airline miles that were close to expiring, so we picked our destination based on where we had enough to get to and the winner is Guam!   We've even managed to schedule it so that we'll be there for our anniversary! (3 years, can you believe it?)  I don't know very much about what there is to do, but we've book a hotel right on the beach, so that's probably all that matters.   I can't wait to post pictures and tell you all about it in just a month!  It will be strange to be in the U.S. but not really in the U.S.  I hear they have a Kmart, maybe we can pick up a few things we've been missing.

Other than the vacation excitement, things have been going well.  As it always does when I let my guard down, Tokyo has whipped out a few funny surprises for me.  Several nights ago I was walking home and saw a guy that looked like he was walking a tiny dog, but really was pulling along a scrub brush attached to a leash.  I probably made an even bigger spectacle of myself chasing him down to get a good picture, though Raku swears I was discreet.

I also got a snack last week that I thought was just a bread stick. Three bites in, I discovered it was corn bread.  In the most literal sense.  It really wasn't bad though.

Just taking the scrub brush out for it's nightly walk

"Corn Bread"

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