Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tout Le Monde Card Shop

In December John stumbled across a little card shop that he thought was amazing.  We've since tried to retrace his steps, and finally found it today.

The store has cards and stationary from floor to ceiling, through a number of narrow isles. They have a wide selection of imported cards from all of Europe as well as some American and Japanese cards. They are organized by subject (ex: Michael Jackson, Cats, Disney) and also by language. There were many cards in English, French, and German.

We got some amazing postcards, including some French ones that had stickers on them for the recipients.

The shop is tucked away on a little back street in Jingumae, which makes it a little hard to find. To get there take exit A1 from Omotesando Station or exit 4 from Meiji Jingumae Station. If you're at Meiji Jingumae walk up the hill, and if you're at Omotesando station walk down the hill. Turn and walk down the side street between Dior and Chanel (left coming from Omotesando, right coming from Meiji Jingumae). Turn left again at a little shop called Hysteric, and Tout Le Monde will be several blocks ahead on the left.

Hours: 11:00-7:00, Closed Tuesdays
Phone: 03-5469-1050
Address: 5-45-9 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

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