Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kyushu: What We Ate

I was looking through all my pictures from Kyushu and realized that about half of them were of food, so I thought the food deserved a blog of its own.

On our first night in town Hunter took us to one of her favorite restaurants, Ante.  She goes so often that she's good friends with the bartender/manager.

Ante Italian Restaurant and Bar

They named a drink after her!  (It's the bottom one)
We got their specialty, Omu-rice, which they made extra large for us to share.  Omu-rice is an omelette filled with fried rice.  It is normally topped with ketchup, but this one came with a cream sauce.  The rice inside was very delicately flavored and mixed with shrimp.  It's sort of an unusual dish, but this one was really good.


The next night we went out in Fukuoka and came across a Japanese sweets shop.  Ichigo Daifuku is a seasonal confection consisting of a fresh strawberry wrapped in mochi, with some red bean paste filling.  This place however, was selling fruit tart daifuku, which included multiple fruits and a little bit of tart crust.  I'm not crazy about red bean paste, but this was delicious!


So beautiful!
My favorite thing from the whole weekend was an amazing fruit waffle that we had at brunch.  We were joined by two of Sarah's friends, and all five of us ordered the same thing.  It was absolutely gorgeous and tasted just as good as it looked.

Can I have this everyday?
And finally, on or way to the airport we saw this cute little steamed bun guy in a convenience store. We didn't actually buy any, so I don't know if they're any good - but they sure are cute!

Steamed Bun Monster

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