Thursday, November 8, 2012

A Strange Beginning

Welcome back to our blog, round 3!    It's crazy that it's finally here, but on Saturday morning we're moving to Tokyo.    First, I want to say that although we're ready to be settled somewhere, it has been a blessing to have the last few months to spend so much time with friends and family, to be able to travel, and to really relax and get things in order before leaving.

But now, on to the stories.  John started work (orientation) last week at the DC office, which meant that we had to be here last Sunday.  (Just in time for Hurricane Sandy to hit)  We had reserved a temporary apartment for our time here, but when we arrived something had gone wrong and there was no reservation.  After a little scrambling we ended up at a Holiday Inn.  Meanwhile hurricane Sandy made her appearance.  On the plus side John didn't have work on Monday or Tuesday, but much to his frustration our hotel's power went our about 2 minutes before Monday Night Football started, and didn't come back on until lunch time Tuesday.  We were very lucky to be in DC rather than New York or New Jersey, but it was definitely not the beginning that either of us had expected.

Finally on Wednesday John started work, and we moved from the Holiday Inn in Alexandria to a hotel in DC.  So far John has found the DC office, and the firm as a whole, to be very friendly and welcoming and orientation has been painless (and even interesting at times).  Meanwhile, I was able to visit my old office from last year and today went to the US Postal Museum (who knew there was one of those?)

But, looking to the future here are a few things we're looking forward in Japan:

1.  Warmer weather (and warmer clothes).  Guess which couple accidentally packed all their winter clothes and coats/jackets in their shipping container in August?

2.  Karaoke!

3.  Our first scheduled visitors!  Our friends Christine & Tim are teaching in Hong Kong right now, and they'll be coming to visit Thanksgiving weekend.

In the future I promise more exciting posts, as well as pictures.  But please know how much we care about everyone, and that we are only an email/g-chat/facetime/skype away.


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