Monday, June 14, 2010

Wendy eats deer - now that's news!

Hey everyone, Wendy pressured me into writing this blog entry - so thank her.

I work everyday (M-F, I asked if we worked on Saturday the first week) from 9:30am - 6pm (or 9:30-18 if your Japanese). Mostly I do different stuff everyday. So far I've translated a few documents, written a few emails to English speaking clients, done one research process on the reach of U.S. courts, and most importantly proof read a Pokemon licensing agreement.

I work on the 23 floor of the Mori tower, and get to sit at small desk among the secretaries since I'm not a lawyer. That also means I'm merely John-san instead of John-sensei. There is a secretary that sits next to me name Hayashida-san (her nickname is Linda) who is in charge of making sure that I'm alright among other things. The lawyer in charge of me is named Nemoto-sensei, he got his LL.M. at Duke about 2 years ago and his English is pretty good.

The apartment is pretty small, but bigger than other people's. It is on the fourth floor and has a wrap around balcony. It's so close to the building next to it I've considered jumping over to the other roof. I don't, however, know how to say "I was curious about jumping across the roof and I didn't mean to scare you" in Japanese to the person who's balcony I would be landing on, so I've not tried it. It's pretty close to where I work too - I can see the Mori tower from said balcony.

Wendy and I went to Kyoto last weekend. It rained one day and was sunny the other. Because it was raining I wasn't able to take very many pictures the second day which was kind of disappointing. Wendy did however get to feed the deer (I accidently told Hayashida-san that Wendy enjoyed eating the deer which is especially funny because the deer are sacred and harming them is illegal) "deer cookies." We tried to take the perfect picture but the deer weren't cooperating.

We tried to go to this one temple and started toward the temple about 2 hours before we had to leave. Kyoto has a terrible train system so you have to take buses, and we got on a bus that said it was going to the train station by way of the temple. However, once we got on the bus we found out that it had already been to the temple and was heading back to the station. We wanted to get off, but you have to wait until the bus gets to a stop to get off. Because of terrible traffic it took us thirty minutes to get to the train station (we could have walked it in 5) and then we got on another bus, hoping that the traffic was only bad in one direction. Well thirty more minutes later were were only 2 blocks away and had to get off the bus to make sure that we didn't miss our train back to Tokyo. This is why I hate buses and more importantly why no one ever wants to ride them, especially in America where on top of being slow and unpredictable they are also always late.

Pictures are to come, but its a big deal because I have to digitally develop the pictures which is really hard on this tiny, low resolution screen.

That's it for now.


  1. Awesome about the Pokemon licensing agreement! You should ask for coupons for the Pokemon store!!

  2. "Hey everyone, Wendy pressured me into writing this blog entry - so thank her."

    I can feel the teamwork.