Saturday, June 19, 2010

This week on John and Wendy's life in Japan.

Spending my last weekend in Japan, I can't believe the whole thing has gone so quickly. Currently, however, I haven't managed to get out of bed for long enough to do anything except get some olives and feta for a snack.

This week at work they figured out that I didn't have enough to do, and so everyone has been giving me projects. I've gotten to write a few answers to clients emailed questions, rewrite some questions about an alleged sexual harassment, revise an article about Japanese labor law, and transcribe a interview between a Brazilian and a Japanese man, neither of whom spoke good enough English for the non-native speakers to understand what was going on.

Wendy bought some "Cheddar Cheese" made by Kraft. It was in fact a giant hunk of American Cheese. Yum, Yum, Yum!

Last night we went to a Tokyo Giants game. It was players night and so we got a free Big Mac if they hit a home run. Well they hit two home runs (which resulted in only one big mac). We then tried to cash in the coupons, however they weren't good until next Thursday. I know what I'm eating next Thursday. This Thursday we went to a restuarant that makes their own beer. it was a welcome respite from normal Japanese beer, but nothing anyone would drink in the U.S. given the vast array of amazing beer available. The food, however, was excellent. I had swordfish with mango salsa and Wendy had some sort of snapper (the love fish in Japan). Perhaps the best part was grilled romaine lettuce covered in butter and pepper. It had more flavor than most things I've had in Japan. Also in the parking lot outside the restaurant were two Ferraris and a 1960s Mercedes-Benz.

Sorry about the lack of pictures. Its a major pain to get them off my camera, develop them, and put them on the internet which such a terrible computer. Hopefully some will be put up soon.

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