Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Cranberry Almond KitKats

I came across a new kitkat flavor this morning at the convenience store while I was paying my water bill. From the packaging you can tell they're not just going for a novelty flavor, they're trying to be fancy.

I love fruit and nuts in my chocolate, but I was still skeptical of these. I've been burned by too many bad novelty flavors. (And yet I still keep buying them. I must be a glutton for punishment...or maybe just a glutton?)

When I opened the box I was surprised to see six tiny individually wrapped sticks instead of the usual three packs of double sticks. The cranberry almond topping only seems to cover about 3/4 of the top. I'm not sure if they're intentionally giving you a handhold there, or what.

But despite my low expectations, these turned out to be real winners. The fruit and nuts really comes through in the flavor. And the texture of the nuts and chewy fruit pairs nicely with the crunch of a kitkat. The only downside is that these cost nearly double the price of a regular kitkats. While I wouldn't buy these on a regular basis (Not that there's any risk, they'll have disappeared in no time) I would happily eat them again.


  1. My fellow FIlipinos always equate Japan to Kitkat. Hahaha So more often than not, when someone asks us what we want as gift from Japan... the no brainer answer includes rare and hard to find variants of Kitkat. This is my first time to see this flavor. I thought it might be expensive and sure enough, you have confirmed it. But I guess, the last photo compensates for everything. The filling is for the win!

    1. I totally agree, Japan takes KitKats to a new level!