Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Early June

Rainy season officially begins today, though the weather is actually looking nicer than yesterday. I can't believe it's already June and already rainy season. I've done a terrible job of blogging for the past month, but I'm still here - and intending to do better.

It's finally starting to feel like summer, and this one's going to be a busy one. My father-in-law is coming to visit next week, and next month my brother-in-law and his wife are coming out. I absolutely love having visitors and getting the chance to show off the Tokyo I love. I guess that's a lot of the reason I'm still blogging too.

A couple weeks ago the G7 Summit was in Japan and the security was intense. Even though the meeting wasn't in Tokyo the train stations were flooded with police, the streets filled with local security, and even vending machines and trash cans closed up for the duration.

But now, I'll let some pictures do the rest of my talking.

Hokkaido ramen - toppings include corn and butter
Braided headband
Vending machines closed for the G7 summit
The hydrangeas are out
Hanging out with my littlest friend
Loving the summer produce that's finally available

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