Friday, December 4, 2015

Upcoming Travel: A New Continent!

It seems like we were in Cambodia and Vietnam so recently, but John and I are already planning our next trip. In January we're going to Australia, stopping for a couple of nights in Thailand!

Every year we talk about going to the Australian Open, but this year we decided it was time to actually do it. So the flights and tickets are booked, we'll be at some of the semi-finals. Fingers crossed that we get to see some good match-ups. We're spending all our time in Melbourne, and we're already planning to go on a wine tour, to the beach, and do an afternoon tea. 

It worked out that we could add on a two night stop-over in Bangkok to our flight, so we'll be doing that as well. It won't be very much time but we can't wait to eat some amazing food.

We haven't planned everything yet, so if you've got any travel tips for Bangkok or Melbourne please let us know!

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