Monday, April 13, 2015

Spring Rain

It's been such a rainy spring so far this year! I wish that all the dreary days we've been having would cancel out the summer rains of Tsuyu, but I suppose that's not likely to happen. Most of the cherry blossoms are gone, replaced by tiny green leaves. It reminds me how beautiful the city is when everything is lush and green.

My sister is back in the US now, and of course I miss her, but I'm excited to finally have time to blog about all the great things we did while she was here. I've got a whole series of those posts coming up, so I hope you're looking forward to them.

In other exciting news John and I finally decided that after living here for more than two years, it was time to splurge and take a trip to South East Asia. We bought the tickets last week, and we'll be going to both Cambodia and Vietnam! In Cambodia we'll stay in Siem Reap and see Angkor Wat, and in Vietnam we'll be visiting Hanoi. I can't wait to share the photos and the stories of our experiences there.

Sakura in the Rain

Went to a show in Shimokitazawa over the weekend

Beautiful coffee always tastes better, doesn't it?

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