Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sesame Karaage from Japanese Soul Cooking

A couple weeks ago I made another recipe from Japanese Soul Cooking. I was really excited to see a whole chapter on karaage, the yummiest of yummy fried chicken. I didn't want to try the standard recipe because I have a favorite place here that I didn't think I could top, but I was excited to try the sesame coated variant. It was an easy recipe to follow, with no unfamiliar ingredients.

Most karaage is made from chicken thighs, and some of it can still have a lot of skin or fat still left on it. But I really prefer chicken breast, so that's what I used, even though the recipe called for thighs. I was worried that the sesame seeds wouldn't stick to the chicken when it fried, but they stuck just like they were supposed to. About a million seeds came off in the frying, but it seemed to be because of the chicken shrinking as it cooked.

In the end , I have to admit I was disappointed. I had a really hard time keeping the oil temperature stable which resulted in really dry chicken. I partly attribute the problem to my IH stove, but also to my lack of experience deep frying. To be honest, deep frying always seems like more trouble than it's worth. While I was trying to get the right temperature I ended up over-marinating the chicken so it was super salty! And worst of all, I don't necessarily think the sesame seeds were an improvement on regular karaage.

If you're in Tokyo and you want some of the best karaage ever, I recommend going to the food hall in the basement of Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi. I don't know the name of the the place, but it's in between the Vietnamese food, and the fancy rice counter. I prefer the shio karaage which is white meat, but if you prefer dark meat, I bet the momo karaage is wonderful too.

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If only it tasted as good as it looked


  1. Hello Wendy!

    I enjoyed reading your cooking experiences. I love sesame karaage and maybe I'll try making it. I shared your cooking experiences in my blog. I hope you don't mind. You can check it out here http://ppinjapan.blogspot.jp/2014/11/lets-try-some-japanese-food.html, if you want.

    Have a great day! Glad to find your blog.

    1. Hi Faye!

      Thanks so much for linking to my blog! I just checked out your blog, and it looks like you've got a lot of great information. I know what you mean about not learning to cook Japanese food because it's so easy to get it everywhere. It took me a year and a half before I tried my first Japanese recipe.

      Have a great day!