Saturday, August 2, 2014

Bao Bao by Issey Miyaki

My birthday was a couple weeks ago, and while John and I were having drinks to celebrate he admitted that he'd been searching for a bag for me, but hadn't been able to find the perfect one.  After a couple cocktails I told him if he really wanted to buy me a purse, and if he really wanted to spend more than was necessarily responsible he should get me a Bao Bao bag by Issey Miyaki.

Issey Miyaki is one of the big Japanese designers with a lot different stores, but I've been particularly captivated by his Bao Bao bags.  They're fun and futuristic and sort of weird looking, but I've totally fallen for them.  They're made of shiny plasticy-rubber triangles in bright colors connected by a black mesh material to create a really artistic crumple effect.

John tried to take me out that night to get one, but sadly the stores had already closed, so we saved it for the weekend.  They mainly come in square and rectangle shapes, though there are few even more creative shapes like a little balloon looking clutch, and I wasn't sure which one I would want.  I was also a little worried after telling John I wanted one that I wouldn't actually like them in person.  I was worried they might feel weird, that the mesh might make the bag see-through, that there might not be any pockets inside, or that the bags wouldn't really have a bottom which might be annoying.

We went to the Bao Bao inside of Hikarie department store in Shibuya, and after looking at a couple it became clear that I wanted the rectangular shaped bag, even though it was almost twice as expensive.  The square shape, at 25,000 yen, is essentially a tote bag, and like I worried the mesh is unlined making it slightly see through, and there isn't a real bottom to the bag.  It does have one pocket on the inside.  Both shapes come with adjustable straps, so you can control the length.  I prefer the longer length.  The rectangular bag, at 45,000 yen, is totally lined on the inside, has two open pockets on one side and a single pocket on the other, zips closed at the top, and has a foldable bottom so that it can lie flat for storage or be popped out to make a more standard shaped purse. Besides all these advantages that make it worth the higher price, I also preferred the shape on myself when comparing the two in the mirror.

I've had it for a couple weeks now, and I feel so fun and fashionable carrying it around.  I know it's unusual, but I love the unique look!

Yay for Birthday Shopping!
Folded Flat
Bottom Folded Open
A Peek Inside
Out for Coffee

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