Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ms. Bunny Cafe in Roppongi

You may remember that a month ago Raku and I were having a Week of Fun to celebrate reaching major milestones in our writing. By now, after my mom's visit and getting into the overwhelming amount of editing I need to do, it's hard to believe that was only a few short weeks ago.

One of the best things we did (well, honestly every day felt like the best) was going to a bunny cafe. If you're not familiar with this amazing concept, a few years ago shops where you could go and play with cats became very popular in Japan, and by now the concept has spread to a number of animals and even an Owl Cafe, if that's not an urban legend. I think this probably stems from the fact that pets are so expensive in Japan, and that so few apartments allow pets. 

Being allergic to cats I was never interested in a cat cafe, but bunnies intrigued me. We went to Ms. Bunny in Roppongi, mainly because it was within walking distance, and we had a great time but if you go, be aware that their pricing isn't totally transparent. They charge by the half hour, and after the first 30 minutes we were asked if we wanted to leave or extend. We asked to do another 30 minutes, but when that time ran out we weren't notified, and when you've got a bunny in your lap it's hard to keep an eye on your watch or phone. We ended up spending about 40 minutes longer, so we had to pay for a full hour (we could have stayed for those 20 additional minutes, of course). We were also given little dishes of straw to feed the rabbits, and those cost 300 yen, which we didn't realize until the end.

Despite spending more than we intended we had a lot of fun. Being called a cafe I was worried there would be food or drinks all mixed up with the animals, which made me a little nervous, but there was none of that, which was a relief. There were a number of seats and a wall of bunnies in their cages. You could pick any one you wanted, and swap them out for other bunnies during your time. They'll place a blanket in your lap, and then hand you the bunny.

The bunnies are also for sale, and if you're interested in testing it out, you can take a bunny home overnight for 5000 yen. Just try not to fall head over heels in love. I had expected the experience to be a little stressful but I actually had a great time and would encourage anyone that's interested to try out an animal cafe.

Ms. Bunny Cafe
Hours: T-F 2:00-10:00, S-S 12:00-9:00, Closed Mondays
Phone: 03-3404-1182
Address: 6-7-2 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo

Look at all those bunny cuddles!

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