Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Yoshimi and Filippo's Wedding

Yesterday was quite a day of celebration - Ocean Day (a national holiday), my birthday, and Yoshimi and Filippo's wedding reception all at once.

I've been looking forward to the reception ever since we got the invitation.  As I mentioned before, she and Filippo did the paperwork back in April, so they're already married, but this reception was the big event for Yoshimi.  (The Catholic service in Italy will be the big event for Filippo)

I wasn't sure how the reception would be different from an American wedding, but in many ways it was quite similar.  There was a cocktail reception before the couple made their grand entrance.  They were then seated at the front of the room.  Throughout the evening there were toasts and speeches from as well as a slide show, and a video tribute from Italian friends and family.


After the food was served, there was an opportunity for everyone to come up and take a photo with the couple and and share good wishes.  Someone sang a song to the couple and Yoshimi's niece and nephew did a little presentation.  Yoshimi's niece was flower girl aged, but rather than wearing a pink or white dress she wore a french maid outfit.

So cute!

The reception was held on Waterline, the floating lounge attached to T.Y. Harbor restaurant.  It was beautiful as the sun went down over the water and every so often another boat would cruise by and the occupants would wave to us.

Shinagawa Canal

At the end of the night there was a receiving line where they gave each guest a gift bag.  They are so thoughtful, they remembered my birthday in spite of the chaos of their own big day and gave me a special birthday present too!

And speaking of birthdays, I had a wonderful birthday brunch with friends on Sunday, and check out this gorgeous cake they got me!  What a great long weekend.

Delicious Raspberry Mousse Cake

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