Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Good Food

I've had a lot of really great things to eat lately (including Korean food for dinner tonight), and I thought they deserved a blog post.

Since we arrived here I've been missing greek yogurt so badly.  Fage is sold in some of the import grocery stores, but the price is just completely insane.  It's like 690 yen for a single serving and 3000 for a medium size.  But, then I discovered that I had just been oblivious to the greek yogurt right in front of me all along.  It's really good and comes in plain, raspberry, and honey.

So delicious!
Moving on to Italian food, a friend taught me a few weeks ago how to make homemade pasta.  I thought it would be really complicated, but it was actually quite simple and fun.

Making Cavatelli

The final product
And finally, we had an incredible mango.  I have to admit that I was totally tricked, and would never have bought it if I knew what was going on.  But it wasn't labeled clearly, and I was in a regular grocery store, not a gift fruit store.  Yeah, I totally bought a mango that cost $20 by accident.

Worth the money?

When it rang up I was so shocked I didn't know what to do, so I just went ahead and paid.  It was definitely the best mango I've ever eaten.  It was incredibly sweet and the texture was perfect.   Not something I'd buy on a regular basis though.

Lately I've been working on some really exciting baking experiments that I'll post about soon - there's still a little more work to be done though.

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